Programme overview

The Master’s degree in Strategic Business Management is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to become effective finance and business professionals. The programme covers two units: Academic and Professional Development and a dissertation.

The Academic and Professional Development unit equips you with the knowledge and skills to identify and investigate accounting issues and practices that will stimulate and support improvements to the accounting and finance strategies and practices of organisations. You will have the opportunity in this unit, and later through the dissertation, to research a live accounting issue; for example it could be an assessment of the impact of financial reporting standards; an investigation of the effect of the economic climate on management control practices; or an evaluation of sustainability reporting practices in a business sector. The choice of topic will be yours, and you will have the opportunity to follow your interest and develop a real area of expertise.

The Dissertation is your opportunity to undertake a significant applied research project into a particular accounting issue of your interest. Building on the work you undertake in the Academic and Professional Development unit, you will conduct original research, usually in an organisational setting, with a view to making practical recommendations for organisational practice and deepening the understanding of the issue amongst accounting professionals and commentators.

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